Most Profitable Service Business

Most Profitable Service Business:  Vinyl Windows

You may think I’m crazy for writing this though once you read through this article you will quickly see that I am right.  Indeed, Vinyl Windows is one of the most profitable service-product based businesess in the entire world.

Vinyl Windows Bear Windows Inc

According to the NATRP the largest organization in the world is the service industry.  The service industry employs over 80% of the world’s population.  It feeds families, builds homes, fixes pipes, plugs holes, fills gaps, cements roads etc ad infinitum. Within that sweet lil trillion dollar niche is a business called Windows.  What these service based businesses do is make sure that anything class that opens from bottom to top or from side to side, aka vinyl windows or french doors, bay windows or sliding porch doors, is outfitted with the utmost care, caution and eye for the beautiful.

Today, our population increases exponentially generation after generation.  The world is now over 7 Billion large.  You know that means?  Homes.. and more then homes.. it means houses.. lots and lots of houses!  What do houses need?   Windows.   What else do they need?  Doors.  That’s right. And last belittling question.  What does glass do?  Nope.  It BREAKS!   So the window business is an amazing business to be in because season over season you have a constant demand for the service and the product.

Take for instance bear windows inc, they are a company that has been in business for 1 year and they are already extremely profitable.  Now grante this isn’t just because they are in the window replacement business but because they offer exceptional customer service and unmet deals in the industry.  They actually have a guarantee I believe that states they have the lower prices in the market!!  And their products come with a lifetime warranty.  If that is not something awesome, I don’t know what is.

In addition, the entire city of Los Angeles has over 350 windows businesses that have been in business for over 10 years.  What does this tell you?  It tells me that this business is here and here to stay.  It means that the products work, that the demand is consistent and that it is a part of America’s economy that is not going to go anywhere soon. With that in mind, if you are looking for an extremely profitable business that both increases the value and experience of an individuals life while bolstering the economy… creating jobs and feeding families, this is a service industry which you may want to look into.

Last but not least, the tangential business that the windows business creates is massive.  For instance, we worked with a client not too long ago that had increased the YOY by 2000% from last year to this year and made 6 Million dollars.  How about that?!  Can you imagine any business increasing that much to gain that much YOY?   Well it’s real and it’s possible.

If you have the penchant for it, the courage, persistance, business acumen to make it happen, the door replacement and window replacement business in Los Angeles especially, is a phenomenal one to get into.  Wiht profit margins as high as 200%, and a product that is durable and long lasting, you are sure to get and retain customers while living a most fulfilled life.